Инструкция на yamaha rx-v659

инструкция на yamaha rx-v659
Setup Setup was fast using the automatic setup routine. Adjusts the amount of time taken for the dense, subsequent reverberation sound to decay by 60 dB at 1 kHz. This changes the apparent size of the acoustic environment over an extremely wide range. Notes •… Page 78: Sound Field Parameter Descriptions SOUND FIELD PROGRAMS ■ Sound field parameter descriptions You can adjust the values of certain digital sound field parameters so that the sound fields are recreated accurately in your listening room. Page 62 FM/AM TUNING Select preset station “A5” using A/B/C/D/E and PRESET/TUNING/CH l / h. “A5” and the MEMORY indicator flash in the front panel display. Modifications are, therefore, inevitable and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation to retrofit.

The low-frequency signals of the center channel are directed to the speakers selected in “LFE/ BASS OUT”, and the rest of the center channel signals are directed to the front left and right speakers. Page 124: Sound Field Program Information ■ SILENT CINEMA YAMAHA has developed a natural, realistic sound effect DSP algorithm for headphones. The larger the value, the stronger the reverberation becomes. Yamaha would be remiss if they did not update their components, and the RX-V659 does offer some new features at its price point with an iPod dock option, Neural Surround™ for XMHD (XM Radio HD), and a compressed music enhancer. There is also one output each for composite, S-Video, and component, and the Yamaha can up-convert any input to a component output. The Yamaha RX-V659 can convert any of the composite or S-Video inputs to the component-video output, so you need only one video output from the receiver.

Once the sound setup is complete, you can tune your input setups by assigning the component video and digital audio inputs to the various inputs. Ресивер можно использовать в формате 7.1 или 5.1. Фронтальная акустика может быть подключена по двойной схеме усиления. The Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO) autosetup system determines speaker sizes and volume levels, measures the distances from the speakers to the listener, checks the wiring, and uses equalization to balance the frequency response of all the speakers. Important safety notice: The EXTRA SP speaker terminals of this unit should not be connected to a Passive Loudspeaker Selector Box or more than one loudspeaker per channel.

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