Olympus sp-500uz инструкция

olympus sp-500uz инструкция
The camera also supports an AC adapter (Olympus adapter only). Sample photos[edit] External links[edit]. Switching to RAW was even more of challenge for the camera. The plastic door covering the batteries is fairly sturdy, and it has a locking mechanism to prevent it from opening accidentally.

Видоискатели. Фотоаппарат предоставляет возможность выбора между ЖК-экраном (2.5 дюйма, 115,000 точек) и EVF (Electronic View Finder, 201,600 точек). И технические параметры, и субъективное восприятие позволяют говорить о высоком качестве этих компонент. Noise levels were also a notch higher than I would’ve liked. Just change it later and it’s just like taking the shot again.

Камера позволяет сохранять снимки в двух форматах – JPEG (Exif 2.2) и RAW. Для сырого (RAW) формата есть возможность сохранять превью в JPEG-формате. Их качество задаётся в соответствующем меню. Digital noise did not rear its ugly head until ISO 200 (400 is the max setting) but this is fairly typical with today’s compact digicams. At 80 and 100 it was not an issue. Depress the OK and «LCD screen on» buttons (also marked as INFO in green) at the same time for approx 3 seconds.

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