Voylet new 2000 hvlp инструкция

voylet new 2000 hvlp инструкция
Замерять время накачки (заодно узнать производительность своего компрессора) и после этого замерить время расхода воздуха. The Main Spray Gun Controls: 1: Air Volume Adjustment 2: Material Volume Adjustment 3: Fan Width Adjustment 1) Air Volume Adjustment: When this knob is turned fully clockwise, the air flow is shut off. It takes some experimenting to find the right air flow setting. Then I disconnect the air hose and take the spray gun outdoors for cleaning, if possible. I typically put the spray gun in a plastic dishpan, empty any solvent from the cup, and then dismantle the gun for cleaning.

Too much air flow can make excessive overspray and cause a rippling effect in the liquid that has already been applied to the surface. I understand that excessive air flow can also cause the wet surface to dry too fast, which can create problems in the final results like blush. Краскораспылитель электрический – это отличный вариант для частного дома, загородной усадьбы, дачи и домика в деревне. Фото новых моделей, это серия 106, краскопульты в новых эргономичных корпусах. Then I unscrew the material cup, which usually requires that multi-wrench. I usually clean the cup last. Myelin acts as electrical insulation for your nerves and brain, and when this stuff dissolves your brain can short-circuit.

Under the cup is a little screen filter. I remove the filter and clean it in solvent. After rinsing everything with clean solvent, I blow all the parts dry with compressed air, or at least wipe everything dry with paper towels. I pour the used solvent into a container marked «used paint thinner» or whatever solvent it happens to be. However, higher pressure also results in more overspray.

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