Lego com technic 42010 инструкция

Your feed back will help me to improve buildinst in way you prefer.July 9, 2013 — Exhibition at Lipno and new model As I mentioned last time the great Lego exhibition in Lipno point began on 1st July. They are in Czech but speach is not important there. Then I finally went through telehandler to skid steer loader. Four qualities of each model are measured on scale from one to five points: Difficulty — simple model which even little child can build receives one point and five points represents very complex model that is meant for experienced builders. After Lipno I’ve begun preparing for workshop in Billund, Denmark. It was organised in order to select new Lego Creator designer for Lego company. Model is also ready to be motorized with set 8293. In such way it moves by itself on base built out of battery box. I was surprised how fast I’ve built this model — it has taken just one week.

Its building instructions are placed here.At the end I’d like to mention one little adjustment in way of issuing building instructions. First one is scooter built from set 8048. It is relatively small model but it is stuffed with functions and details. Other videos are just records of me building my alterantive models from the first brick to the last so you can try to build my models following these videos. The pull-back motor is powerful enough to give it a good push and the largish wheels help it to reach a respectable speed. You can see its first prototype at picture bellow. It’s just combination of main elements of model to verify their functionality, proportions and scale.
Exhibition is at least half bigger than last year and number of my models that you can see there has also swollen. If you haven’t been there yet I can recommend you to do it. While this additional model is larger than either of the original sets, it only uses part of the available elements and a considerable amount of pieces are left unused. Forks are such bonus built out of left over parts and they even feature adjustable width and are supplemented with one pallet where you can put some load. This hot-rod features opening hood with support bar, opening doors and trunk, steering, even 2 seats (official models offers just one) and of course V8 engine in big nose. Power Functions YearsSubtheme ofPower Functions (abbreviated as PF) is a TECHNIC-based system of electronic components, including motors, lights, remote control units and receivers or different power units. You could see my latest models like tyrannosaur and duck, pull-back tractor and brand new grader built out of set 8067 there.

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