Ts-1500-212 инструкция

ts-1500-212 инструкция
Only one interface in the bond is active. For higher connection performance, you are recommended to use wired connection.•The system supports only one USB Wi-Fi dongle at a time. Originally MTU was introduced because of the high error rates and low speed of communications.

Alternate transmit policies may be selected via the xmit_hash_policy option. Then click «Apply». The users will only be able to connect to the services via the specified network interface(s). If the settings cannot be applied, click «Refresh» to list the current network interfaces on the NAS and configure service binding again. The NAS services which support IPv6 include: •CIFS/SMB•iSCSI•Web Server•QTS Desktop•Qsync for Windows•Netbak Replicator To use this function, select the option «Enable IPv6» and click «Apply». The NAS will restart.

Кроме того, данные можно копировать на другой FTP-сервер, внешний диск или в онлайновое облачное хранилище. Как и у большинства других домашних NAS, модули памяти у QNAP TS-212-E несменные. На системной плате размещены два модуля Hynix H5TQ1G83DFR-H9C DDR3-1333 ёмкостью 128 Мбайт каждый. Dynamic Link Aggregation mode provides load balancing and fault tolerance but requires a switch that supports IEEE 802.3ad with LACP mode properly configured.

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