Контроллер coster rtc 604 инструкция

контроллер coster rtc 604 инструкция
Plug the RN-XV WiFi module (not included in the kit.) on XB-Buddy Basic Kit.Connect XB-Buddy Basic Kit to FTDI cable. Wait for the RN_XV to respond with AOK.Type set wlan phrase and hit Enter key.Wait for the RN_XV to respond with AOK.Type save and Enter keyWait for the RN_XV to respond with Storing in config.Type reboot and hit Enter key. Wait for the RN_XV to respond with lots of information, i.e IP Address, MAC Address,andconfirmed that RN-XV is joining your network now. And click OK button.There is one more step to do before we can start using Hyperterminal to configure XBee module.Click at Disconnect/Hang up icon on the menu bar.Select File->Properties from the main menu bar.The TestXBuddy Properties dialogue appears. Click at Setting tab, and click at ASCII Setup… button.Checks Send line ends with line feeds.Do not check Echo typed characters locally, as we did in Step 12. If we leave this step checked, we will see double echo of characters we type. Port. (See datails, Step 3 of Processing Controls R/C Car with XBee modules Project.)Install CoolTerm for MacOS. I found that it is a lot easier to use CoolTerm, terminal program, than Terminal App. that came with MacOS. But if you familiar with the Terminal App. you can use it.

Set the Bits per second to 9600, Data bit to 8, Parity to None, Stop bits to 1, andFlow control to None. Choose an icon for your new connection or click OK button to use default icon and start HyperT erminal.The Connect To dialogue appears, select XB-Buddy COM port name, mine is COM4.The next dialogue, COM4 Properties appears.

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