Инструкция erecta prompt

инструкция erecta prompt
Therefore, crossing Arabidopsis is mainly conducted through manual emasculation of flowers just prior to flower opening, followed by hand transfer of pollen from the desired male parent to the stigma of the emasculated flower. Внутри вагина и анус соединены в один канал. Avoid using the first flowers in the inflorescence, which are usually less fertile and the smaller flowers produced by mature plants. For such species, simple maintenance of a genetic stock, cannot easily be accomplished from a single plant, and it is most convenient to start with a small population of founders and perform cross-pollination.

Damage to the axillary artery[3] and axillary nerve (C5,C6) may result. High yields are achieved with 10-20 plants per 11 cm diameter pot. Interestingly, BLSpro>>Tkn1 leaves had a very mild phenotype with rounded shape but minor lobing (Figures 6C and 6D), suggesting that while tomato leaves respond similarly to Tkn1 and Tkn2 overexpression, Arabidopsis leaves display differential sensitivity to these tomato genes. Six to eight independent responder lines of each KNOXI gene were crossed to the BLS driver line, and a representative line is presented in Figure 5. To generate BPpro>>KNOXI bp-1, plants homozygous for BPpro:LhG4 were crossed to plants homozygous for the bp-1 mutation.

Follow carefully the supplier’s instructions regarding release and subsequent care of the predators or parasites. Для получения профессиональных консультаций по настройке и работе с системой вы можете обратиться к специалистам компании PROMT. Познакомьтесь с основными возможностями настройки систем перевода PROMT, чтобы использовать их в вашей работе. This, together with the profound effect of KNOXI overexpression during leaf initiation, and the narrow window of sensitivity to TKN2-SRDX, suggests that during normal leaf development, KNOXI proteins act specifically at the PM stage. Here, we addressed the role of KNOXI proteins in leaf patterning by comparing the effects of overexpressing TKN proteins and their fusion with a repressor domain.

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