Инструкция пользователя скутер honda lead

Page of 114 2012-2017 Upload manual Thank you for your help! Your selection of a Honda ● The illustrations here in are based on the makes you part of a worldwide family of ED type. When the brake service is necessary, see your dealer. Always use Honda Genuine Parts or equivalents that have been designed… Page 52 Maintenance Fundamentals Battery WARNING Your scooter has a maintenance-free type The battery gives off explosive battery. Riding your scooter with a temporary tyre repair is very risky. Do not exceed 50 km/h (30 mph). Have the tyre replaced by your dealer as soon as possible. Bulb 4. Page 95 Electrical Trouble Burned-out Light Bulb ❙ ❙ Front Turn Signal Bulb Rear Turn Signal Bulb Bulb Rear turn signal assembly Hook Rear turn Socket Bulb signal lens Screws 1. Turn the socket counterclockwise and pull 1. Remove the rear turn signal assembly by it out.

Check the condition of the brake pad groove If necessary have the pads replaced by your wear indicators. dealer. Page 107 You & the Environment drain or on the ground. Crankcase breather tube… Page 66: Spark Plug NOTICE Using spark plugs with an improper heat range can cause engine damage. 1. Place your scooter on the side stand on a level surface. 2. Pull the floor mat off. The starter motor will only work when Place the scooter on its centre stand and the rear brake lever is squeezed and the squeeze the rear brake lever.
Page 47: Maintenance Schedule Retain all proper emission control. receipts. If you sell the scooter, these receipts should be transferred with the scooter to the Maintenance work should be performed in new owner. Page 88 Engine Does Not Stop by the If the throttle is not closed completely: Close the throttle completely. Freeplay at the throttle grip flange: 2 to 6 mm (0.1 to 0.2 in) Page 82 Other Adjustments Adjusting the Headlight Aim You can adjust vertical aim of the headlights for proper alignment. Air blow cleaning or any other cleaning can degrade the viscous element performance and cause the intake of dust. Do not perform the maintenance. Page 96 Electrical Trouble Burned-out Light Bulb ❙ 4. Install a new bulb and parts in the reverse License Plate Light Bulb order of removal. When you leave the scooter, always turn the ignition switch to off.

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