Фотоаппарат рентах optio m10 инструкция

фотоаппарат рентах optio m10 инструкция
Next we have the power switch and the OIS mode button. Okay, let’s begin our tour of the LZ5 now! The minimum distance to the subject in macro mode is 5 cm at wide-angle and 30 cm at telephoto. If you pick up the optional close-up lens those numbers drop to 4 and 14 cm, respectively.

Interestingly, and showing that this camera is aimed as much at beginners as anyone else, there is also an image recovery setting to try and retrieve images accidentally deleted. The LZ5 is a midsize camera made of a mix of metal and plastic. It feels solid for the most part, and it’s easy to hold and operate. Movies are saved in AVI format, using the M-JPEG codec. However a press of this won’t prompt the flash to pop up ready for duty unless the camera is switched on first. They don’t have to be the best the world has ever seen, but even the most wonderfully-designed camera is pointless if the images look like dreck.

Example image taken with the Optio WPi (view larger image) Conclusion Overall the WPi is a very good point-and-shoot camera that will appeal to everyone from the adventurous type to families that like to take pictures not just by but in the pool while on vacation. Thankfully most of the cameras in this class uses AAs. There’s a built-in lens cover on the LZ5, so there’s no clunky lens cap to worry about. The image stabilizer functions in movie mode, though. White balance fine-tuning lets you adjust the preset or custom WB that you’ve selected in the red or blue direction, with a total range of ±10 (in 1-step increments). Below the controller are two more buttons. You can fit about eleven minutes of video on a 1GB SD card. The zoom controller moves the lens from wide-angle to telephoto in about two seconds. I counted twenty steps throughout the 6X zoom range.

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