Стимпод лореаль инструкция

стимпод лореаль инструкция
Surprised I didn’t think Steampod would be that good, but I was really surprised when I tried it out. I have thick straight coloured hair and I tried to make curls and, wow, I achieved it. However, once I realized I could use the Steampod solely on my ends rather than from root to top, I was hooked. The iron itself is quite big and bulky, and the «pod» just adds to the bulk. Minor cosmetic imperfection on the interior of the item.

Literally.I turned to my straightening iron and put it on full heat to try to get the strands to stay straight. Mrs When will this steampod be available again Did you find this review helpful? Highly recommended Did you find this review helpful? Did you find this review helpful? AMAZING PRODUCT I had first Steampod , and this one is just more compact version of first one . Maybe first one looks more expensive , but this one is much more light and has same performance. Not only are my shorter locks easier to manage, but they also make me feel so much more badass, cool and infinitely more stylish. Minor cosmetic imperfection on the bottom or back of the item.

Lasts for several days and looks just as good on the third day as it did on the first. A bit pricey for a straightener, but a very worthwhile investment. The new SteamPod at home device is a smaller and more compact version of the professional appliance with similar benefits and performance advantages. See how straight?The downside of the Steampod? It’s not really travel-friendly.

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