Инструкция плазма монитор px 42 vr5 g

Conversion angle of corner speed —— When the running direction changes between program segments and changing angle exceeds this angle, the system will decelerate to the starting speed around the corner. Also check the antenna cable or the external connectors if they are fully unplugged. Otherwise, you can only listen to 2 channel stereo sound in other cases. Carefully check if the wiring is too tight, incorrectly placed or loose. When viewing videos or digital video discs 1. Press the WIDE button on the remote control. 2. Within 3 seconds … Original image Press the WIDE button again. Generally, arc voltage test is disabled for thin sheet machining.

Please report the issues to us. It’s really important that we get to know the setups which don’t work. Page 64 03. Input Switch Change Function The external control equipment switches the input of the plasma monitor. Maximum speed limit limit—-The top speed of running system in manual control mode and in execution of G00 command, in mm/min. or inch/min.
Notes: The 1)The program name and extension name should never exceed 12 characters. Please jump the signal to 24V ground if not use. DLZ 3 Arc voltage test, normally low priority, but high priority when arc voltage is not enabled. STO 16 External emergency stop key, high priority. Furthermore, any changes or additions to the original design/engineering will invalidate the warranty. 6. Warning — Plot Chassis: Some TV chassis are directly connected to one end of the AC power cord for electrical reasons.

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