Часы касио 3416 инструкция

часы касио 3416 инструкция
Или просто позвоните нам и мы Вам поможем! « Назад 1 2 3 …7 Далее » на страницу: 21214263 « Назад 1 2 3 …7 Далее » на страницу: 21214263. Super-IlluminatorAt the touch of a button, the display can be brightly illuminated in a fashionable colorSecond time zoneA second location time can be set and called up. Alarm Mode Dual Time Mode C C C D to reset the seconds to E-1 E-3 E-5 D to E-7 E-9. Advanced CASIO original technology has allowed for a 95% smaller direction sensor and 90% reduction in sensor power consumption compared to previous models. Inclusive of all taxes Cash on Delivery eligible. In stock.

This means that the watch no longer beeps when switching from one function to another. The colours may differ slightly from the original. While the 12/24-hour format setting is selected, press D or B to toggle it between 12 and 24. Except for when adjusting the seconds or setting the 12/24-hour format, holding down a button changes the current selection at high speed. Design features include a case designed for outdoor gear performance. This offers a high level of stability and resistance against pressure.Resin caseResin bandSynthetic resin is the ideal material for wrist straps thanks to its extremely durable and flexible properties.Long Battery Life10 years, 1 battery. Battery Life: 9 months on full charge (without further exposure to light) Module 3415 PDF Manual Support Information.

About This Manual Note that the product illustrations in this manual are intended for reference only, and so the actual product may appear somewhat different than depicted by an illustration. Cable Box Equipment Manuals These devices are leased to our customers for use with TV service. Если у вас есть вопросы, вы хотите воспользоваться рассылкой новостей или получить консультацию, здесь вы найдете ответы на первые вопросы и контактную информацию. The watch can measure times of up to 24 hours.Timer — 1/1 sec. — 24 hoursFor fans of precision: the countdown timers help you to remember specific or recurring events by giving off an audible signal at a preset time.

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